Advantages and Usability of FAQ in Website Designing

FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages have been an under-rated option in the process of website designing. FAQ pages are one of the most important pages any website can have. It is at this point a visitor clearly indicates his interest and goals for visiting the site. Users demonstrate their interest in the products or services of the website. If designed appropriately, the page has the capability to boost visitor attention and improve conversion rate.

FAQ came to be in 1982. When advanced with email functionality, news information, visual designs, and analytics help visitors to browse their desired information without easily. FAQ pages also help save money and time by answering the bulk of questions related to products and services through email or customer calling. (1)

Advantages of FAQ

Better Search Alternative: Although a search can serve as the same purpose as an FAQ page, most of the website search engines do not work that well. The search terminology (verbal alternatives) of the visitor might not match with that of the website’s search vocabulary. This can get more complicated if the search query fed by the visitor is inadequate. Quicklinks serve to ease poor search results. FAQ is a better option than quicklinks because it offers a background and perspective to the search, rather than simply a list of links. It provides a space and scope to discuss topics of interest.


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